Girl with a small dog miss f
10 months ago

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  • doggo says:

    I read a few years ago in some chan that Miss F was doing these videos for a cartel, and then at some point they offed her. I never found anything about this again. Is it true?

  • Angela says:

    What’s her name? Where does this information come from?

  • Angelus says:

    Nombre de la nena plis.. Donde le deposito

  • Doggo says:

    Her name is Fernanda Leme, A model from Brazil and she is still alive.

  • Brad says:

    Miss F is mexican, there’s pictures of her in Mexico, and these videos were distributed at first by mexzoo

  • doggo says:

    Actually, Miss F is Brazilian, There are photos of her in Brazil.

  • Dog says:

    Actually, she is Brazilian.

  • K9 knot says:

    She is not mexican.