My friend from Ukrainian
7 months ago

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  • Tetsu says:

    Ufff qué hermosa mujer, ganas de q el perro le hubiera dado más duro pero buen video

  • Tetsu says:

    Ufff qué hermosa mujer, ganas de q el perro la penetrar con más ganas, pero igual buen video

  • Knotlover69 says:

    Please upload ‘Good Vibrations’ 🙏🏻.

  • shark says:

    nice girl.

  • cary simmons says:

    thicc AF

  • James bond says:

    Más por favor, que sea una gran modelo del zoo, no a la guerra desde ya 😍😍

  • mo says:

    Will be pleased to take her home in a safe place, all included

  • jaroslawkaczynski says:

    she has a big poteintial, but dog dosen’t make her job easier

  • Isliseback says:

    I noticed the old Lise site is now called Beasted, does it mean she is back or is it another owner now?

  • tanja00 says:

    she is amazing!!! did she have more vids?

  • Slip says:

    Hope to see more of her!

  • I need a Ukrainian friend says:

    Damn we need more of her 🤤 name??

  • SP Fan says:

    does anybody know if there’s any new slaveprecious? I heard there was. I love that slut hope we can see more of her.

  • Slip says:

    Hope to more of this beauty

  • Eze says:

    more videos of her

  • I need a Ukrainian friend says:

    We need to see more of her 🤤 anyone have a name??

  • Eze says:

    more videos of her😍

  • cbollitapilil says:

    Deliciosa hembra! Grande y con ganas de recibir esperma canino, el perro puede hacerlo mejor pero espero que cambie

  • tanja00 says:

    name please….

  • Isael Alves da Silva says:

    Os vídeos não abre de. Primeira